What Will ‘The Next Big Thing’ Be At This Year’s NBA Tech Summit?

By Zach Leonsis I always look forward to attending NBA All Star Weekend, and this year’s weekend in Chicago is certainly no exception. Yes, the game is fun and the skills competition, which includes the three-point shooting and dunk contests, is exciting to watch. But the part that I look most forward to however is […]

Leveraging a platform to #BeMonumental

By Zach Leonsis Whenever I hear someone mention the word ‘platform,’ I often cringe thinking about how cliché the term has sadly become. Scenes from HBO’s Silicon Valley quickly pop into my head and make me quietly chuckle to myself. But building and leveraging a platform actually is a good strategy for facilitating rapid growth […]

Esports as a Platform for Positive Empowerment

By Zach Leonsis If you’ve heard anything about esports lately, you’ve likely heard that it’s a rapidly growing industry with incredible business potential. Something you may not have heard? Esports has just as much potential to be a platform for positive empowerment for women and minorities in the U.S. and beyond. The esports industry is […]

What’s happening to today’s cable bundle? And a look at what’s next…

What's Next In Cable Bundling

By Zach Leonsis In an article that I recently published called, Monumental Sports & Entertainment: A Modern Day Media Company, I briefly hinted at the economic value of bundling products and services together. Bundling products and services at a discounted price is nothing new, but clever marketers are now forced to experiment with brand new […]

Monumental Sports & Entertainment A Modern Media Company

By Zach Leonsis One of the fundamental misconceptions about our business, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, is that we’re just a sports & entertainment company. ‘Wait, what? But how exactly could that be?’ you might ask. ‘Sports and entertainment are literally in your company’s name!’ Well yes, of course that’s true. But we’re also just as […]