Monumental Sports & Entertainment, FTX US Announce Multiyear Cryptocurrency Exchange and NFT Partnership

Washington, D.C. – Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) and FTX US, a leading US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, today announced a groundbreaking new partnership making FTX US the official cryptocurrency exchange and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) partner for MSE and its properties, including the Washington Capitals, Wizards, Mystics and Capital City Go-Go. FTX US is MSE’s first official partner in the cryptocurrency space.

The multi-year deal aligns two distinguished brands known for embracing next-generation engagement to increase brand awareness for FTX US among Caps, Wizards, Mystics and Go-Go fans. The partnership also broadens the collaborative innovation opportunities for both organizations as cryptocurrency’s presence on the global stage continues to grow. As the official NFT partner for MSE, the FTX US NFT platform will have exclusive rights to future NFT drops by Monumental Sports teams.

“Monumental Sports & Entertainment is thrilled to be working with FTX to bring the leading cryptocurrency exchange to the most loyal and sophisticated fans in the country,” said Jim Van Stone, President, Business Operations & Chief Commercial Officer. “The integration of blockchain technology with the sports experience has only just begun, and together we are going to advance to an entirely new frontier which will ignite fans beyond what they can even imagine today.”

FTX US is now the presenting partner for the new in-game highlight series and fan activation: FTX US “Big Block-Chain”. The campaign will be promoted through in-game announcements, arena LED takeovers and social media. FTX US will also be featured on the premium, concourse, and arena television networks, maximizing arena patrons’ exposure to the FTX US brand.

Avi Dabir, FTX US Vice President of Business Development commented on today’s news, “One of our key goals at FTX US is to continue growing the awareness of digital assets, while also providing users of the FTX US platform with a unique experience. Through this partnership, we are able to work alongside one of the leading organizations in professional sports to do just that. We are excited to bring the world of crypto to Washington, D.C. sports fans and provide dedicated fans with a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Monumental Sports regularly gathers the world’s top leaders, advocates and influencers at its games and events in the heart of a global city and in the nation’s capital, creating a unique platform to reach highly engaged audiences regionally, nationally, and worldwide. As a leader across multiple areas of sports and entertainment innovation – including sports betting, esports and its own OTT streaming service (Monumental Sports Network) – MSE’s new relationship with FTX is another step in its trajectory of not only becoming the industry-leading cryptocurrency exchange, but also a burgeoning powerhouse in the global sports landscape.

Other recent FTX partners include Major League Baseball and the NBA’s Miami Heat which established FTX as their new Arena Naming Right Partner.


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